Portland Wedding Dance

Portland Wedding Dance is your stress free wedding dance lesson company offering full services packages ranging from simple choreography to a dance involving your entire wedding party.

We are located at 14355 SW Pacific Highway, Tigard, OR 97224

Bride and Groom

How many lessons do we need? It's always different for each couple and depends on variables such as: length of dance, level of choreography and amount of time you as a couple can spend practicing in between lessons. Most find purchasing your lessons in packages to be the best choice. This provides you a discounted rate, and by scheduling ahead of time, you can ensure lesson availability. Lessons may also be purchased individually if you prefer. Lessons are 45 minutes in length.

Please contact us if you need help deciding what package would best fit your first dance vision. Once you decide on your dance package, you can call or email to book your first lesson (Contact Us Now). Payment is not needed until the first lesson and we accept cash or check at the studio. If you are purchasing a gift certificate or would prefer to pay by credit card, you may do so below.


5 lessons: $375 ($50 savings)

This is a great package to get you started. Learn the dance that matches your song and how to lead and follow basic patterns in a simple routine that fits with your song. You will gain comfort, poise and confidence in your ability to dance around the floor to the rhythm of your song. If you decide you want to go for fancy or unique you can add more lessons to achieve your goals from here.

7 lessons $490 ($105 savings) - This is our most popular package!
For many of our clients this is the ideal package. Most couples come in with the hope of learning a custom dance, unique to the individuals they are, so they can create a special memory of their first dance. With this package, you can chose a specific song and learn an original choreographed routine just for you! You will learn an entrance on to the floor, specific steps for your routine, and a special ending that fits with your chosen song. Experience the joy of dancing with your loved one and give your guests a memory they won't forget!

10 lessons $650 ($200 savings)
This package is for couples who want to leave the learning experience truly knowing how to partner dance. It is a great accomplishment to learn and perform a choreographed dance, but learning the art of lead and follow within partner dancing is a skill you can enjoy for a life time. With this package you will accomplish everything described in the 7 lesson package above, but with the extra lessons we will add detailed training on the techniques of leading and following so you can use the dance moves you learn for years to come.

20 lessons $1200 ($400 savings) - This package offers the biggest discount.
This one's for the group! You envision not only you and your partner having a custom dance but the special people in your life getting in on the fun too! This package of lessons can include a mixture of any of my beyond the bride and groom services.

3 lessons $240 ($15 savings)
Ah! Your wedding is just around the corner and you don't want to just shuffle like penguins ... Don't fret, It's not too late! This package will provide you with enough time to learn the basics of partner dancing and a few steps to match your song that will spice up your movement on the floor. You will gain comfort, poise and confidence in your ability to dance around the floor to the rhythm of your song. If you desire, you will also learn a customary dip at the end for the lady (a perfect picture for your wedding album!).

Single Lesson $85: 

You are always welcome to schedule lessons as you go, ending whenever you feel you are ready for your big day. Lessons are $85 individually.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions!

Lessons bought in packages are non-refundable, however there is no expiration date, and they are good for any type of dance that we teach as long as Portland Wedding Dance is in business. Thank you.